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I'm a socially-engaged artist, using my skills to better the place we live by initiating grass-roots projects.
Sometimes folks just need permission. I try to provide these permissions.
By bringing people together and encouraging them to make the world an artistically-interesting place, good things bloom.
Project 24

I felt the community deserved something that brought them together and a derelict seafront site was perfect.

Everywhere I've lived in the world that was engaging and vibrant had sprung up from the artistic and LGBTQI+ communities regenerating them.

I conceived this project putting artists' studios at the heart of the town,  providing locals with creative activities and experiences thus bonding with their artistic residents. 
North Down Borough Council supported my proposal and together, we secured £285,000 funding from the Department of Social Development.

And so Project 24 came into existence.

24 artists, over 24 months, with art on view 24hrs a day.

The site is so successful that it is now semi-permanent!


Is a network for poets, artists, designers, musicians and creatives that my husband, Andy Hamilton, and I set up along with artist Lee Boyd. The aim of this egalitarian group
is to connect creatives and make Northern Ireland a destination for the arts. Out of this network, studio groups have grown, localised artistic co-operatives have formed and projects have blossomed.

Tackling Racism Through Graffiti

Peace III: Using graffiti as a tool to tackle racism and sectarianism in young people, with graffiti artist, MyTarPit. We ran a 10 day course in graffiti techniques, culminating in a peace wall mural.

Whitewash II: I have brought events such as live sculpting and livepaints to Bangor, connecting local talent with the public. Whitewash is an event by graffiti artist DMC.

Breaking Records.

​​Sometimes it takes a bit of silliness to get people into craft. In 2009 I travelled to Twisted, Portland, OR, USA to set the (unofficial) World Record for using the largest crochet hook! The hook was carved by Washington State whittler, Jimbo.

Coral Collective


I created a project gifting crochet packs to hospital outpatients to take their mind off stressful waiting times.

The project was so successful, it was also used in the rehabilitation of people with eating disorders and has been introduced by 9 Primary Care Trusts in the UK.


Let Me Ease Your Day


Let Me Ease Your Day intervention.

Textiles bring comfort. I set up loungerooms in the street, inviting the public in and reconnecting them with textile crafts. They then took the items they'd knitted, sewn or crocheted and gifted them on in random acts of kindness.



Alternative Village Fete, Southbank, London, UK.  Jelly, Town Centre, Reading, UK. & Royal Ulster Hall, Belfast, UK.

Pom Pom International



Pom Pom International Tour, Northern Ireland.

Pom Poms for Peace.
Working with comedian Amy Lamé, we were four women, a yurt and a box of fibre bringing communities together through fibre interventions.


Inga's activism, jewellery, installations
and inhabitable sculptures have taken her on international
travels to galleries, museums and interventions
in, amongst others, 
New York, Chicago, Dublin and London.

For commissions, exhibitions, or if you are interested in representing Inga's work, then please get in touch
by clicking this button.


Creating on the island of Ireland, exhibiting worldwide.

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