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Inga Hamilton Fenrir Anger0071 web.png

The Ancients 3:
anger: fenrir

Existing Betwixt Jewellery & Site Installation.

2017 The Ancients Series. No.3

ANGER: Fenrir


Fenrir is the pure, righteous anger unleashed - the power and voice of a victim’s rage powerfully rising above their aggressor.


The Ancients Series. No.3 ANGER: Fenrir. 2017 performance.


I Call On The Earth.

The Core Is Rising.

Rage Sweeps Around.

Hear Me Roar.

Hell Unleashed.

Without Your Weapon, You Are Nothing.

I Win.

Artist with Headdress.


The 3rd in a projected series of 12 Ancients. Each a different facet of the artist.


Leather, textile, polystyrene, ceramic & resin.


Watch a snippet of the performance click the button.

©2020 Inga Hamilton. Photography:

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Creating on the island of Ireland, exhibiting worldwide.

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