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Northern Ireland, UK.

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Inga is driven by a life-long craft obsession. She travels the globe, gathering skills, particulalry in textiles and ceramics and applying them to her sculptures. Embracing low-fi equipment that she often builds herself, as well as cutting-edge technologies, Hamilton is about the process, the detail and the rich backstory.

Whilst her large installations show in galleries, her transient, momentary performances are only ever captured through photography or film.


Her latest work, for Belfast's Queen’s University Computer Science Building, and the Naughton Gallery, is on permanent display.

Inga's exhibitions and residencies boast prestigious international venues and galleries, such as Queen’s University, Belfast; VISUAL Carlow; The Chicago Cultural Centre; The Hayward, London; New York’s American Irish Historical Society; and Dublin’s Ark.

Her US residencies include Pyramid Atlantic MD, St Lawrence University, NY, and Flux studios, MD. Inga is a member of Red Dirt Studios, MD, USA.

Outside of her own sculptural practice, Hamilton has judged international fibre grant awards, sat on ethics committee panels at Trinity Dublin, as well as creating bespoke yarns for Gucci.


Hamilton has been chosen as one of Ireland’s leading textile artists.

It's the easiest thing in the World to create art that shocks, but Inga tries to touch your heart. She wants you to become lost in her work’s intricacy; seized with a childlike desire to be enveloped by it. This is what makes her happy.




Workshops offered


Acid Dyeing (beginner)

Wild Carding

Freeform Crochet (beginner)

Building a Woodland Loom

Creature Making

Sculpting Smoked Ceramic Birds


Please see the Workshops page and then use the Contact Me page if you would like to host one of my workshops for your group or university.

2010 - present

2010 - present

Artistic Statement


I travel the world learning traditional craft techniques from those that have mastered them. My central interests lie in textiles, ceramics and cutting edge technologies. I take the techniques I learn and bend them – applying them to my own sculptural vision.


My concentration is the beauty in the detail.


In my studio, will spend up to a year working on an installation. If I require a crochet hook, I will carve it; yarn, I will spin and dye it; a pot, I will throw it.


Concepts are one thing, but for me, the real craft is in the very process of quality making and the story it embodies.




History of Artistic Practice


August 2018. Computer Science Building, Queen's University, Belfast, UK.

Dept. Robotic Ethnology's ROOM OF CONNECTION – An imagined Department and all the ethnographic artefacts that it would have collected. A permanent installation of my drawings, sculptures, and images to inspire connections in robotics students and faculty alike. Solo Show.

May 2017. Red Dirt, Mount Rainier, MD USA.

 La Pachamama Santa Maria and Old Broc. Open Studio.

May 2015. Angie Newman Gallery, EHS, Alexandria, USA.

Call and Response. La Pachamama Santa Maria & Old Broc – Nos. 1&2 in my Ancients Series as part of our three-woman show with Jessica Beels & Elsabé Dixon.


January 2015. Foster Art Gallery, Westminster College, Pennsylvania. USA.

Stories of the Ancients. Solo show. La Pachamama Santa Maria & Old Broc – Nos. 1&2 in my Ancients Series, with their accompanying artefacts.

June 2014. VISUAL Carlow, Carlow Arts Festival, Ireland.

Materialisation: Mapping the Making. La Pachamama Santa Maria – my response to exhibiting alongside Joana Vasconcelos’ Valkyrie Trousseau. Selected as one of Ireland's leading textile artists.


May 2013. Gateway Arts, Mount Rainier, Maryland, USA

The Art and Craft Of Beer. Winner of the Judges Award for my hand-crafted ceramic drinking horns, now residing in the Library of Congress, Washington DC.


Nov 2012 – Feb 2013. Handmade in America, Asheville, North Carolina, USA

Flux – a craft exchange. I showed my antlered, ceramic chromadepth vessel.


Sept – Dec 2012. Flux Studios, Red Dirt Studios, Mount Rainier, Maryland, USA

Custom-built, 3-month residency. 3 months cross-pollinating my ceramic and sculptural installation disciplines with earth, glass and metal in a dual-facility residency just outside Washington DC. Included fall open studio exhibition.


May - August 2012. The Ark, Dublin, Ireland

Awakening Curiosity -  Nest Freaks. An enormous 30ft installation of nesting bird sculptures for this children’s cultural centre’s science event.


March – May 2012. R Space, Lisburn. NI

Elemental Birds. A show of my creating. Returning the exhibition to Northern Ireland. Curating and creating a new installation for the space including over 50 international artists.


March 2012. Science Gallery, Trinity, Dublin, IRE.

Trust Me, I’m An Artist. Ethics committee panelist for this filmed, live discussion event. Artist Anna Dumitriu will pitch her bio lab installation to myself and 3 prominent scientists and we will decide it’s ethical viability. 


February  - May 2012. Oliver Sears Gallery, Dublin, IRE.

Dubh. Shadows Grow. ‘A dialogue in black’ between leading Irish and American artists & craftspeople.

Large multi-disciplined installation to sit beside a Sasha Kagan chair. Textiles, ceramics and discarded material.


October 2011. St Lawrence University, Canton, NY. USA

Artist in Residence for 1 month. Created and curated Elemental Birds. An experimental exhibition to see if artists can physically embody feelings of peace and goodwill in their artwork and tangibly affect the showing environment. Show included a large ceramic and textile installation by myself. 20 of my 30 pieces sold.


October  - Dec 2011. American Irish Historical Society, NYC. USA

Dubh. Shadows Grow. ‘A dialogue in black’ between leading Irish and American artists & craftspeople showing in this prestigious 5th Avenue address.

Large multi-disciplined installation to sit under the Society’s Steinway piano. Textiles, ceramics and discarded material.


September 2011. Pyramid Atlantic Silver Spring, MD. USA

Visiting Artist. Exploring papermaking and paper sculpture. Two week residency.


May 2011. Cornerhouse, Manchester. UK & Waterfront Hall, Belfast. NI.

QR-3D. Marital Code. Screenprinted and upholstered velvet with vintage haberdashery. Applying QR code technology to textiles.


April 2011. Turnpike Gallery. Leigh. UK

Expansion of My Soul. Creating a site-specific gallery performance installation exploring light and shade in textile whilst observed by the public.


March 2011. Trinity. Dublin, Ireland.

Stretched String Theory. Working with physicist Dr Stefan Hutzler to prove groundbreaking mathematical theories using textiles.


February 2011. The Ark, Dublin, Ireland

Crafted Creatures. An installation of jellyfish and underwater creature sculptures for this children’s cultural centre.


January 2011. FE McWilliam Gallery, Banbridge. Northern Ireland.

Print in 3D. Monkey Spawn. An enormous installation landscape of crocheted and printed fungi with a hand-made, hanging paper sculpture.


November 2010. Shiplake College. Henley-on-Thames, UK.

Artist in residence. Building composite images using found printed materials.


October  - November 2010. Alternative Ink Tattoos. Holywood, Northern Ireland.

Live Paint. Creating ‘Fly Free’ in front of the public.


June 2010. Duke of Abercorn’s Estate, Baron’s Court, Newtownstewart, Northern Ireland.

Prince’s Trust live event. Built a C12th spinning wheel with found materials.


June 2010. Ulster Festival of Art and Design. University of Ulster, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Funny Bones and Cross Bones. Workshop teaching students to explore their 2D or 3D brain.


April 2009/2010. International Fibre Collaborative annual grant judge.


April 2010. Mathematics ‘Textures’ conference, Riga, Latvia.

The Collapse of Infinite Joy. Crocheted sculpture to accompany lectures by renowned mathematician, Dr Daina Taimina.


March 2010. Alternative Ink Tattoos. Holywood, NI.

Shock & Awwwwww! Sculptures exploring human interactions and the feminisation of surgical steel. Two-person show.


December-January 2010. Oak Hammock Farm, Wesley Chapel, FL, USA.

Artist in residence. Exploring sculptural, weaving, spinning & fibre techniques. Six week residency.


November 2009. Pyramid Atlantic. Silver Spring, MD. USA

Artists in residence. Exploring 3D papermaking and sculptural techniques, bookbinding and printmaking.Two week residency.


October 2009. Twisted, Portland, OR, USA.

Twisted Halloween. Setting the World Record for using the largest crochet hook!


October 2009. St Lawrence University, Canton, NY, USA.

Artist in residence. Neolithic weaving, fibre activism & outdoor installations. Bookbinding, printmaking and woodland pop-up galleries.Two week residency.


September 2009. Alternative Village Fete, Southbank, London, UK. & Jelly, Town Centre, Reading, UK.

Let Me Ease Your Day intervention. Reconnecting people with textiles to gift on in random acts of kindness.


August/September 2009. Shiplake College. Henley-on-Thames, UK.

Artist in residence. Building neolithic looms and C12th spinning wheels with found materials. Moss graffiti, decaying art, natural letterforms, bone wrapping. Two week residency.


July 2009. Royal Ulster Hall, Belfast, UK.

Underground Overground. Exhibited Giant Monster soft sculpture.

Let Me Ease Your Day intervention. Reconnecting people with textiles to gift on in random acts of kindness.


June 2009. Rome, Italy.

Crack! Festival. Transforming an ancient fort prison cell with graffiti-inspired textiles.


June 2009. Coventry, UK.

Ravelry Day. Cor Blimey! Crochet. Live sculpture. Arm Crocheting furniture.


May 2009.  Marine Conservation Society, Birmingham, UK.

Dive Show. Jellyfish Smack sculpture


May 2009. Wonderwool Wales, Builth, Wales, UK.

Wonderwool. ‘Pink Reef’ exhibit with Prudence Mapstone.


February 2009. Turnpike Gallery, Leigh, UK.

UK DIY. Live sculpture. Arm crocheting a Giant Bacteria in front of the UK Culture Minister.  Micropower. Crocheted micro-organism installations with Ildiko Szabo.


November 2008. Alexander McQueen. Gucci.

Gucci commissioned bespoke yarns for Alexander McQueen's autumn collection.


September 2008. Clarence House, London, UK.

Prince Charles’ Marine Conservation Society 25th Anniversary Party. Jellyfish Smack sculpture


August 2008. Pom Pom International Tour, Northern Ireland.

Pom Poms for Peace. Bringing communities together through fibre interventions with Amy Lamé.


August 2008- May 2009. ICHF, touring, UK

Re-use, Recycle. Great White Reef, Jellyfish Smack & plastic forms.


June 2008. Hayward Gallery, Southbank, London, UK.

The Hyperbolic Crocheted Coral reef. Pink Reef, Green Reef & Spawning Wall sculptures.


June 2008. Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank, London, UK.

The Art and Craft of Saving the World symposium. Created a Giant Jellyfish sculpture on stage to engage the world's leading mathematicians and scientists with craft.


September-December 2008. Memorial Art Gallery, Yale College, Wrexham.

Sustainable/Recycled. Great White Reef sculpture & Recycled Plastic Reef Dwellers.


April 2008. World Financial Centre, New York, NY, USA.

The Hyperbolic Crocheted Coral reef. Enormous Jellyfish Smack & Recycled Plastic Reef Dwellers. Sculptural installation.


December 2007 LUSH stores across the UK.

Recycled-plastic bottle sculptures commissioned for top 12 store Christmas windows.  Joy Trees. 


October 2007. Chicago Cultural Centre, Chicago, IL. USA

The Hyperbolic Crocheted Coral reef. Pink Reef, Green Reef & Spawning Wall sculptures.


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