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The Dept. Of Robot Ethnology’s ROOM OF CONNECTION 

Permanent Commissions & Gallery Shows

2018 The Dept. of Robot Ethnology’s


A permanent installation of sculptures and drawings that Blends The Spaces Between Species to include robots. Commissioned by  Queen’s University, Computer Science Building, Belfast, the room is a permanent installation, open to the public. Designed to inspire
robotics students to think more creatively and less anthropocentrically, it tackles issues of de-colonisation, animal agency, body dismorphia and climate chaos.

View a ‘walkabout’ video of the installation and all its sculptural artworks by clicking this button.

Inga's installations, jewellery and inhabitable sculptures

have shown in galleries and museums in
New York, Chicago, Dublin and London amongst others.

For commissions, exhibitions, or if you are interested in representing Inga's work,

then please get in touch by clicking this button.

Creating on the island of Ireland, exhibiting worldwide.

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