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Pins, Ruffs & epaulettes

Torso Installations

As a maker, Inga's critical thinking and wide understanding of tools and materials enables her to explore how makers of all species make.

Through the use of readily-dismissed, low-value natural materials, such as seaweed and salt, Hamilton produces desirable, high-value, wearable adornment. By instigating comparative discussion around her work with that of nonhuman-animal makers employing the same materials and techniques as herself, such as decorator crabs, birds or dolphins, she challenges the viewer’s concepts of value and adornment within the natural world.

Inga's wearable art works spark debate and bring about a wider consideration of  similarities and differences of all species. Her PhD is leading her to work with transdisciplinary scientific, cultural and artistic fields, synthesizing knowledge into a non-speciesist understanding of making.

For commissions, exhibitions, or if you are interested in representing Inga's work, then please get in touch by clicking this button.

Creating on the island of Ireland, exhibiting worldwide.

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